Values, Ethos and Vision

Hull Trinity House Academy has an excellent reputation for educational standards within the Yorkshire and Humber region and beyond. Our students, staff and all other stakeholders are committed to Delta’s mission statement, ‘Changing Lives’ and this permeates into every aspect of school life. We expect our students to conduct themselves in exemplary fashion, stretching and challenging themselves daily and thereby increasing the likelihood of strong educational outcomes and successful futures thereafter. We are committed to ensuring that all students, regardless of their starting points or any barriers to learning, can thrive and flourish. We are therefore committed to creating a ‘Can Do Culture’, ensuring that no student is left behind and any special educational need, disability or disadvantage is understood by our staff and effectively supported to create the necessary circumstances to enable good progress and opportunities for all.

Today, Hull Trinity House Academy is a thriving 11-16 secondary school of well over 800 students. It is still closely situated to its original site, in the heart of the City of Hull, but now boasts a truly modern setting with state-of-the-art facilities and technology to support our students in maximising their potential. The school retains an ethos that uniquely combines a proud heritage of over 230 years with highly effective, modern educational approaches. It celebrates and upholds its proud maritime and nautical traditions whilst embracing a dynamic and inclusive educational vision. This is underpinned by a commitment to equipping our students with the skills, knowledge and confidence to thrive in modern Britain and beyond our shores. We are a school that is committed to the safeguarding and well-being of all our stakeholders and ensure that the children in our care feel safe and know who to speak to if they have any worries or concerns.

We provide a balanced curriculum delivered in an educational environment based on proud traditions and the highest expectations around standards of uniform, conduct and courtesy. This takes place in an inclusive and progressive climate where everyone is respected, has an active voice and is listened to. We celebrate these traditions and strongly promote and uphold British Values but, whilst proud of our history, we create a climate in which tolerance and respect for all is paramount. Our students are aware of their place in a pluralistic and multi-cultural city but also of their involvement in wider society. Our core values emanate from a sense of decency, dignity and integrity and are central to how we approach all aspects of school life.

At the heart of our ethos and educational vision is the commitment to pursuing excellence for all. This ultimately stems from the highest standards and expectations around teaching and learning and ensuring that all our parents and carers are aware of the progress that is being made in the Academy and how their child can achieve success and realise their potential. Partnerships with parents and carers and our other stakeholders within our community are crucial to our success as an educational establishment: so too is our commitment to important, citywide civic occasions. Three times a year, services at Trinity House’s Chapel attended by our students and the White Squad reinforce our school’s link with our community and our past. Parades at Hull Minster – for instance the Triple Trawler Tragedy remembrance service – form part of our commitment to Hull’s maritime history. Our Remembrance Day Parade in November is both a touching and stirring homage to those who have fallen in conflicts. Our students’ impeccable observing of these occasions encapsulates the sense of service imbued in them.

The Academy has a rich and varied extra-curricular programme outside of timetabled school hours, with enrichment activities, sporting clubs as well as Youth Parliament and debating opportunities being open to students. The Student Leadership Team has an active and influential voice and meet with senior leaders and the Principal. Praise, reward and recognition are very much part of the Academy’s ethos and ‘Proud Thursday’ celebrations and ‘Pride of Trinity’ commendations, along with other certificates and attendance awards are presented during parade on a regular basis and also in awards assemblies each term. As mentioned, one of our unique differences from other schools in the region is our maritime and nautical history. Learning to sail, both safely and competently, is a fundamental aspect of school life at Hull Trinity House Academy. This helps to build character, encourages teamwork, collaboration and ultimately instils a sense of confidence and resilience, which are vital components to a successful and prosperous future in an increasingly competitive and demanding world. Visits to Welton Water Adventure Centre – to take part in sailing lessons – are very much part of our curriculum and are hugely popular with our students. The training is provided by highly skilled and very experienced operatives who expertly know how to build confidence and develop skills based on individual students’ needs. Health and safety and respect for open water is obviously central to both the theoretical and practical aspects of the courses run and in students gaining a good understanding of how to enjoy the pleasure of sailing whilst remaining safe.

The Academy has a Maritime Studies course as an option for students keen on pursuing careers at sea. The maritime curriculum is delivered from Year 7 to Year 9 with the option of taking further study in KS4 & KS5. These courses offer several differing routes into maritime oriented careers. These potentially include The Royal Navy, The Merchant Navy, the Maritime and Coastguard Agency and commercial industries such as cruise liner operators.

As part of Delta Academies Trust, the Academy works collaboratively with its partner schools across the secondary and primary sectors. It receives extensive support in education, business & finance, Information Technology, Human Resources as well as developmental training from the Delta Core Team. The Academy is visited regularly by specialist Subject Directors and the Trust’s Director of Education who provide strategic and operational support and guidance to staff. Network opportunities that enable the sharing of best practice and highly successful educational strategies across the Trust means that the Academy has a wealth of experience and expertise to draw upon which helps to further drive-up standards. The collaborative relationship also allows us to showcase some of the outstanding achievements of our students and staff.

In closing, our values, ethos and vision are at the heart of our Academy motto, ‘Spes Super Sydera’ (Hope Beyond the Stars) which continues to be as profound and inspirational now as it was when adopted all those years ago.