Term Dates and Calendar

Hull Trinity House Academy follows Hull City Council term dates.

Please note that Hull Trinity House Academy will not grant permission for leave of absence for holidays during term time. Parents are legally responsible for ensuring their children receive education in accordance with section 7 of the Education Act 1996 and if on a school roll that they regularly attend school. 

There is, however, a discretionary power held by the Principal to authorise absence in exceptional circumstances. If you feel you have an exceptional circumstance you must write a letter explaining your case to the Principal (including all documents or doctor's certificates you feel are relevant) prior to making any arrangements or taking any absence.


School Year 2016 - 2017

The full Academy Calendar can be downloaded here.


Staff Training Days:

  • Monday 5th September 2016
  • Tuesday 6th September 2016
  • Tuesday 3rd January 2017

Educational Trips Abroad:

  • To be Confirmed

GCSE Exams 2017

  • To be Confirmed

Sunday Church Services: As part of our culture, history and ethos the Academy attends three Sunday Church Services a year. Students are expected to attend all three services (unless otherwise agreed) as part of their commitment to our academy. The three dates are:

  • Sunday 9th October 2016: Harvest Festival
  • Sailor's Sunday: This service has been postponed
  • Lord Mayors Sunday Service: The academy will not be participating this year as this falls outside the academy year.


 Autumn term 2016
Re-openClose for mid-term holidayRe-openClose
Wednesday 7th SeptemberFriday 21st OctoberMonday 31st OctoberFriday 16th December


Spring term 2017
Re-openClose for mid-term holidayRe-openClose
Wednesday 4th JanuaryFriday 17th FebruaryMonday 27th FebruaryFriday 7th April


Summer term 2017
Re-openClose for mid-term holidayRe-openClose
Monday 24th AprilFriday 26th MayMonday 5th JuneFriday 21st July
May Day - Monday 1st May


School Year 2017 - 2018

The Term Dates can be downloaded here.


Staff Training Days:

  •  Monday 4th September 2017
  • Monday 8th January 2017


Autumn term 2017
Re-openClose for mid-term holidayRe-openClose
Tuesday 5th SeptemberFriday 27th OctoberMonday 6th NovemberWednesday 20th December


Spring term 2018
Re-openClose for mid-term holidayRe-openClose
Tuesday 9th JanuaryFriday 9th FebruaryMonday 19th FebruaryFriday 23rd March


Summer term 2018
Re-openClose for mid-term holidayRe-openClose
Monday 9th AprilFriday 25th MayMonday 4th JuneFriday 20th July
May Day - Monday 7th May