Holocaust Memorial Day 2017:

27th January 2017

The 27th of February is Holocaust Memorial Day. On this day, history students in years 10 and 9 took part in a live webcast with a survivor from this horrific period in History. Mala Tribich MBE shared her moving story of loss, hope and resilience with the students and helped us to make a personal connection with an event so terrible that it often defies comprehension. A summary of Mala’s life and experiences can be found on the Holocaust Educational Trust website at: http://www.het.org.uk/survivors-mala-tribich. Below are some comments from year 10 history students on what they thought of the event.


“It was interesting. It is important to let these voices be heard”.

“I thought that this was a good way to learn because it was a first person point of view from someone who survived the holocaust. It helps you to understand it more because they saw it themselves”.

“We can learn about the holocaust in class but we get a completely different understanding hearing it from a person who has been there. Hearing what happened from a first-hand account made the whole thing seem very real”.

“It showed me how people can survive in very hard times”.

“It was very strong & powerful and opened my eyes to something I’d never listened to. I would recommend this to other years because it will expand their learning on how badly Jewish people were treated”.

“She was brave to say what she did. I think she was also brave to go through what she did at such a young age and not give up”.

“I think it was worthwhile because it has made me interested in the holocaust as well as adding an additional element to my learning. I think it was effective, to not only research on paper, but to also experience the talk to improve my understanding of the subject”.

“The interesting aspect of the live-interview was about life and the hope given to the public in the Ghettos. I believe this is worthwhile and the students in school need to understand this”.