Dinner Day 2018

23rd March 2018

On Wednesday 21st March we had our Annual Dinner Day. Dinner Day is a celebration of our Founders Day. Hull Trinity House School was founded in 1787, when it was then known as 'Hull Trinity House Marine School' and it was officially opened on 2nd February 1787.

The anniversary of this event is now celebrated as Founders Day but over the years this annual tradition has become known as Dinner Day. This is due to the tradition of the oldest students in the school, leaving and literally walking out onto the docks to go to sea after eating a ‘hearty meal’, to see them on their way.

The day consisted of the students parading while Master Warden, Capt. D. Atkin, The School Captain and our Principal, Graham Moffatt inspected our Year 9 and Key Stage 4 squad, whilst Capt. D Robinson, Vice Chair of AAB, Mr M Rymer, Chair of AAB and our Vice Principal; Nathan Goodman inspected Key Stage 3.  

The Year 11 students then went to Chapel where they attended their last ever school service along with the Brethren. Our School Captain read a bible passage and the Chaplain gave an interactive service on ‘Choices’.

The students and the Brethren then returned to school to eat their dinner whilst the White Squad served them. This tradition is a mark of respect to the Brethren, school staff and other students.

Finally, the students were given the opportunity to choose two oranges; traditionally this was an orange they could eat and one to take on the ship to prevent scurvy whilst away on the ships.

All of the students were exemplary in their behaviour and appearnce.