Physical Education

General Information

PE is being taught in a number of different ways this year at Hull Trinity House. Firstly, we teach Core PE where all pupils get the opportunity to participate in a number of sports both in school in the sportshall and also off site at our games field. 


Staff Member


 Mr D. Findlay

 Subject Leader of PE

 Mr P. English

 PE Teacher
 House Leader of Morley House


Extra PE

In addition to this, Year 9 have the option to choose extra PE which is a single lesson a week which looks at the theory aspect of PE and is very closely linked to the GCSE we offer at KS4. 

Key Stage 4

GCSE PE is broken down into 60% practical and 40% theory, pupils who chose this option get to attempt many different sports/activities such as rock climbing, lifesaving, orienteering and mountain biking. As well as these new sports, pupils learn the theory of the body systems, what happens to us when we exercise, and how we can improve our systems through training. 



Detailed Course Outlines can be downloaded below: