General Information

Hull Trinity House Academy recognises the value of learning a language.



Staff Member


 Mr N. Germain

 Subject Leader of MFL
 Associate Assistant Principal

 Miss C. Welton

 French and Latin Teacher
 House Leader of Hammond House


Key Stage 3

All students at KS3 learn French. It is taught 2 lessons per week by two experienced teachers, Mr Germain (native speaker and subject leader) and Miss Welton. KS3 focusses on developing the four key language skills useful for GCSE: listening, speaking, reading and writing. Pupils’ enjoyment of the subject is good as lessons are engaging and we cater for a range of abilities and needs.

The course at KS3 is based on the Allez 1 and Allez 2 textbooks edited by Oxford University Press (as detailed in the Course Outlines below). However, the book supplemented by our own departmental resources that include Authentic texts, Videos and Songs

At the end of KS3 some pupils who will not be continuing with French will take the FCSE qualification offered by AQA.


Key Stage 4

GCSE French is an option at KS4. It is taught 3 lessons per week and pupils work towards the French GCSE from the Edexcel board. The resources we use are a combination between our departmental resources and GCSE practice written and spoken texts taken from the Exdexcel GCSE textbooks edited by Pearson. We also use the website Vocab Express to widen pupils’ vocabulary and get them ready for the requirement the GCSE examination.  

Extra-Curriculum Activities

The MFL department offers several extracurricular activities such as trips: the Paris Trip for Year 8 and an Exchange Trip to the south of France for Years 9 and 10. The department also offers some enrichment activities for More Able students in the form of the Latin Cambridge Qualification which can be done after school for Year 9 and 10 students.


Additional GCSE

The MFL department has also been offering additional GCSEs for native speakers of other languages. In recent years we have entered pupils for GCSE Arabic, Greek, Italian, Urdu, Russian and Chinese. All with good results.

Detailed Course Outlines with enrichment activities can be downloaded below: