General Information

Cookery is one area within Design and Technology in Key Stage 3. In Cookery pupils learn how to cook and how to make informed decisions about diet and health. They will also learn how and when to shop for food and how to store food safely. The content of the 6 weeks in each KS3 year group covers:

  • Cooking skills
  • Wise food shopping
  • Diet and nutrition
  • Safety and hygiene



Staff Member


 Miss A. Malton

 Subject Leader of Technology 
 Cookery Teacher

 Mrs M. Hatfield

 Cookery Teacher



Pupils will cook something new each week. Lessons are designed to introduce new techniques and ensure they learn how to use a variety of tools and kitchen equipment.

Pupils are expected to bring their cooking ingredients to school each week and place food in the cooking area’s fridges before parade. Pupils are given a printed version of their ingredients list a week in advance and a copy of the ingredients is always available on the academy’s website and ShowMyHomework.

Each pupil needs to have a sealed, named container in which to transport food to and from school. Some lessons will require pupils to bring in a piece of ovenware from home but this will be stated on their ingredients list.

If you have any queries regarding cookery in KS3, please contact Mrs Davison.



An Overview of the Dishes as well as detailed Recipes can be downloaded below: