General Information

Nowadays, Computing is an integral part of our lives. It is therefore essential that pupils are computer literate. Computing is taught 2 lessons per week in KS3 to all students, by two experienced teachers.



Staff Member


 Mr E. Sherwood

 Subject Leader of Computing

 Mrs A. Cromarty

 Computing Teacher


Key Stage 3

KS3 focusses on developing Information Technology, Computer Science and Digital Literacy. The course at KS3 is currently being re-developed, using the Classmates series of units. This is replacing the previously successful ICT Key Skills Builder course, now that ICT has been replaced by Computing in the National Curriculum

In Year 9, all students are entered for an exam course; currently this is the ECDL for Schools, European Computer Driving Licence, run by the British Computer Society. They take four online exams during the year. This is a highly successful course, where usually half the year group achieve a Distinction or Distinction* by the end of KS3 (equivalent to a GCSE Grade A/A*).  Our philosophy is that every student should have well developed Digital Literacy skills before they start their GCSE courses.


Key Stage 4

Currently, GCSE Computing is an option at KS4, taught by Mr Sherwood. It is taught 3 lessons per week and pupils work towards the GCSE from the OCR board. This consists of an exam worth 40% and 2 Controlled Assessments worth 30% each. The resources used are a combination between departmental resources, Axsied worksheets and video course, as well as a website ( This is a very specialised course and requires students to have good analytical skills as well as creative skills. They also need to have very good programming skills. As such, it is very demanding and requires a lot of extra work to be successful at it.

There will be a second optional course offered from September 2016, taught by Mrs Cromarty. This will be dependent upon which of the new courses the Government decides to approve for use in Schools and Academies: the list is published in December 2015. This is to allow students who wish to continue to study Information Technology, but are not able to do the GCSE Computing. Now that GCSE ICT has been scrapped by the Government, it is likely to be the Cambridge National Certificate in ICT.



Detailed Course Outlines with enrichment activities can be downloaded below: