Here at Hull Trinity Academy we are committed to ensuring all of our students receive inspiring,
independent and impartial careers guidance. Students take part in a holistic education whereby
they will have access to excellent academic opportunities and at the same time they will be fully
prepared for work and life.

Here is what a Year of Career at Hull Trinity House Academy looks like. This calendar outlines the programme of study that will fully equip our students to make informed decisions and secure excellent future career and educational opportunities. During the year students will use online careers resources to access independent, impartial information and advice about all of the careers and education opportunities available to them. Hull Trinity House students will be encouraged to take ownership of building up their education profile and eventually a CV. Students will take part in a diverse enrichment programme and will also have access to a qualified guidance professional at key stages of their education and at any time they feel they need further support via the online guidance service where they can send a message to the advisor and receive a personalised response.


School Aim

Our primary aim is to ensure students are aware of as many different pathways as possible beyond Hull Trinity House Academy and that their career aspirations are both realistic and inspiring. All students are challenged appropriately to acquire the knowledge, skills and attitudes for lifelong learning and that employers value in order to make successful transitions into further education and work.

Year 7: Skills Awareness

This year students will:
• make a successful transition to Hull Trinity House Academy
• take part in a range of lessons and activities to develop their teamwork, presentation and
problem solving skills to support them both in their learning and in helping equip them for
their futures
• register onto U-Explore and ‘like’ a minimum of three jobs

Year 8: What’s Out There?

This year students will:
• begin to develop their independent research skills and find out about a wide range of
inspiring careers
• investigate what sort of skills and qualifications are required for particular job roles
• recognise the importance of making well thought out decisions in preparation for Year 9

Year 9: Mapping My Future

This year students will:
• make informed decisions about their KS4 options therefore the theme is focused around
decision making and enabling students to choose their KS4 options effectively, especially if
they have a particular career in mind.
• identify the qualifications and grades required for different pathways aligned to their aspirations
• recognise the importance of obtaining C+ in maths and English whatever their area of interest

In order to achieve this, pupils will have access to U-Explore. Pupils will also get individual options interviews for additional guidance.

Year 10: Becoming Employable

During year 10, students will:
• consider how to ‘stand out from the crowd’ by learning how to match themselves to jobs and
how to write CVs / cover letters. They will think about their own personal brand and how
they could market themselves to employers.
• begin to identify suitable post-16 pathways based on aspiration and academic progress

Year 11: Post-16 Pathways

During Year 11, all students will:
• make informed and well-judged choices with regards to their future pathway and complete
necessary applications to facilitate this
• demonstrate the skills, knowledge and attitude needed to make a successful transition into
further study or the world of work
• complete a work experience placement to enhance their employability and put their skills
into practice

In order to achieve this, pupils will complete a one week work experince placement. Pupils will also get individual careers interviews for additional guidance.


Local Colleges


Labour Market Information

At Hull Trinity House Academy we believe it is vital that students are aware of the opportunities available to them at local, national and interntional levels.

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