Business Studies

General Information

As Hull Trinity House Academy has expanded, it has continued to develop its curriculum, and therefore the Academy is now running a GCSE Business Course.

Although students haven't learned Business at KS3, the course chosen, focusses on the areas of Business that students will find most interesting and accessible.



Staff Member


 Mrs A. Cromarty

 Business Studies Teacher



There are three main topics in the OCR GCSE Business course:

  • Marketing and Enterprise
  • Business and People and Production
  • Finance and the External business environment

The course is taught by Mrs Cromarty with a range of resources created in school, bespoke revision interactive software and the use of the GCSEPod website.



Homework is varied and is based on understanding Business in a wider context as well as exam questions. It is also expected that students read the news (on newspapers or online) as there will be some occasional quizzes on relevant news stories.


Extra-curricular Activities

In the first year, the students are encouraged to engage in extra-curricular activities which aim at enhancing their learning and help embed the theory. For example, the current Year 10 students (along with some Year 9 students) are participating in the IFS Student Investor Challenge.



Detailed Course Outline can be downloaded below: